SOSC3311 @ York University

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Course Description

Communications 3311 3.0 Organizational Communication is being taught by Professor Dalton Kehoe at York University. 

The purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with the main concepts, viewpoints, and research findings and applications in the field of organizational communication. Much of what human beings accomplish alone or with others in the modern world is achieved in the context of formal organizations. 

Human organizations are both the products of persistent, focused communication and the contexts within which on-going communication occurs. The fundamental aspects of human communication at the interpersonal, group and larger organizational levels will be studied. 

The relationships between organizational size, complexity, tasks and external environments and the nature, quality and flow patterns of intra-organizational communication will be analyzed. Finally, we will study approaches to solving communication problems and to effecting change in organizational structure and functioning in order to respond to changes in external environments.